Larb Chicken Cups

Also known as Larb Gai. Easy to make, fucking delicious, and relatively “healthy” to booth. This recipe isn’t particularly authentic, but it gets you 95% of the way there in 15 minutes or less. Serves 2-4. Double recipe if required, leftovers are delicious when cold. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 garlic cloves (thinly sliced) 500g […]

Ingesting Mate3 JSON into node-red

Get data from your Mate3 data into your InfluxDB database. This guide assumes that you have already set up a RPi4 with InfluxDB + “batrium” user, node-red, grafana, etc. and know how to use the Pi’s CLI. Head into your Pi4 CLI, we need to create another Influx database for the Mate3 data we’re about […]

Batrium + Mate3 + Grafana : Part 4

Big thanks to; Daniel Römer for pioneering this method of getting Batrium data to Grafana with the watchmonUDPlistener. Bloats for the original Batrium node-red flow. Wolfgang Attwenger / Dirty Opticsfor building 90% of this workflow, albeit with a few speeling mistakes and for a completely different platform. sdmtrfor helping me hack everything together. Second Life […]

Batrium + Mate3 + Grafana : Part 3

Nearly there, let’s set up Grafana! Go to Grafana in your PC browser, using the Pi4’s IP address suffixed with “:3000”, for example: We now need to set up Grafana. In a nutshell, we need to do two things. First, add the influxdb data source. Secondly, import the Dashboard. Skipped too far ahead?Part 1 : […]

Batrium + Mate3 + Grafana : Part 2

Finally, the fun part. In this guide, I will be using code blocks to show you what to enter into the command line interface (CLI), illustrated below. When a code block like this appears, it means that you have to enter each line individually into your CLI and hit enter. I might add notes, just […]

Batrium + Mate3 + Grafana : Part 1

This guide is written to collection monitoring data from a Batrium BMS (and Outback Solar Mate3) and display it on a nice dashboard accessible from any web-connected device on your home network, using a Raspberry Pi4. (If you don’t have a Mate3, you can simply ignore all mentions of it.) How this all will work. […]

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