Batrium + Mate3 + Grafana : Part 3

Nearly there, let’s set up Grafana!

Go to Grafana in your PC browser, using the Pi4’s IP address suffixed with “:3000”, for example:


We now need to set up Grafana. In a nutshell, we need to do two things. First, add the influxdb data source. Secondly, import the Dashboard.

Skipped too far ahead?
Part 1 : Hardware configuration
Part 2 : Installing software
Part 3 : Configuring Grafana
Part 4 : Credits and final thoughts
Click on the cog, and then “Data Sources”
Add new data source (ignore the existing batrium datasource in this screenshot)
Search for “InfluxDB” in the search bar, and click on “select”
Database: batrium
User: batrium
Pass: 123456
Doing the same for Mate3? Simply create another database connection and put “mate” in the database field.

Now to install the dashboard

Click on Dashboards -> Manage
Click on the blue “Import” button.
Paste in the dashboard JSON data linked here, and hit the blue “Load” button.

And tharrr she blows!

Click here to go to Part 4: Credits and tidbits

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